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Erza Scarlet 3 - Lucy Heartfilia 2

Tags: Lucy Heartfilia, Handjob, Group Sex,

14 November 2014
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  • Wood: Some people will say that I am not a member and my opinion should be ignored. I am not a member for a reason and the reason is very obvious. FT Pix needs a very talented artiest. Not some beginners who we should give years until they improve,and believe me they will never do. Someone like Rex or Lexus is needed here.
    16 Nov 2014 07:02
  • Rewlight: It's actually one of their new pictures, because a few days ago made this lineart
    15 Nov 2014 23:17
  • Xeos: Like the Erza and Natsu image, I'm assuming this is one of your older works as well? There is a lack of shading on both the anonymous guys as well as Lucy, and the penis's for the guys look deformed and have too many veins on them. I do like the way you've drawn the cum though, try shading it and see how it looks!
    14 Nov 2014 20:55