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Are We Forgetting Something?

Tags: Lucy Heartfilia, Creampie, Stretching,

13 August 2013
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  • Nabe: yeah, will do :) ...and now that you mention it, I remember a time when I was worried about drawing too much Juvia
    14 Aug 2013 18:06
  • nemunemu: Stop it with Lucy there are other girls Juvia
    13 Aug 2013 16:51
  • GodOfPeace: HOTTEST Lucy pic I've seen from you so far, great job! The way she's spreading her butt is exceedingly hot~ very nice tough.
    13 Aug 2013 16:48
  • koy: hey nabe, glad your back. we stopped seeing new stuff for a while and i was wondering when we would be seeing more of you again, until you started posting again a few days ago :p you're still improving, and personally, i like the "lucy series" if you wanna call it like that, also like the one with aries, altough this one has nothing to do with it, easyer to put all comments on one post when you put up more then one :) anyways, as always, keep up the good work, looking forward to see more
    13 Aug 2013 15:06
  • Sterling: Wait, so let me get this right -- you drew an ahegao version and then decided not to go with it? Come on, Nabe -- that's what hentai's all about! I would love to see some Fairy Tail girls being fucked silly. ;)
    13 Aug 2013 14:40