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Please Rate Me – Erza Scarlet 4

Tags: Hardcore, Erza Scarlet, Natsu Dragneel, Backsex,

14 November 2014
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  • Haru: More Mirajane and Erza. Very tasty, liked the photo.
    9 Dec 2014 16:43
  • Levin: This is a fantastic picture. Erza is my favorite FT girl and if you can draw like this, I'm going to enjoy you working alongside Ferds for FTPixxx. Keep up the great work..and keep on making dat sexy Erza <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
    19 Nov 2014 15:11
  • erza: Man I look hot!
    16 Nov 2014 07:37
  • TheRealFucker: Absolutely agree with Xeos in all pics!
    15 Nov 2014 02:51
  • st see: 7.5/10 :P agree with above, prob best of you so far.
    15 Nov 2014 01:54
  • Xeos: Another image based off one of the previous Fairy Tail Pixx images, but it looks very good. This is one of the top three of the pinups you posted, because it really is good. The proportions, the expression, the breasts. It's perfect. The only downside is the nipples could be a little bigger. Small nipples is a big problem when all the girls have big breasts, you have to make sure that it looks right. The blush effect is very nice, I like it. Well done on this one.
    14 Nov 2014 20:59