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Please Rate Me - Lucy Heartfilia 1

Tags: Hardcore, Lucy Heartfilia, Back Sex,

14 November 2014
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  • Rewlight: Dear administrators, could make a casting to find best artistes to fairytailpixxx as did in bleachpixxx Should uploading more samples but other artists
    15 Nov 2014 15:09
  • Mystogan: The pictures look fucking amazing not to mention u are just starting.
    15 Nov 2014 14:17
  • st see: 7/10 :P i love the position/still clothing on ect. and good drawing in general.
    15 Nov 2014 01:53
  • Garret: People will complain because this is drawing styles they aren't used to. You are quite amazing at drawing the faces!
    15 Nov 2014 00:05
  • Yaichi: I've been wondering the same thing. I guess I came at a bad time. :/
    14 Nov 2014 21:18
  • Umar Al-Sayf: What happened to Ferds anyways? And I've seen all these pixxx on another website..
    14 Nov 2014 21:03
  • Xeos: I like the fact that you're so remorseful when you haven't done anything wrong. Again, he was talking about the way the image is drawn, not the image resolution. I have to say that this is in fact, much better than anything ferds has drawn to date. Not only do the proportions for Lucy look great, the shading is really well done. The face does look a tiny bit off but other than that she looks great. Also, try not to drawn any veins on the penis's, it doesn't look good at all. The...
    way they are drawn just looks awful. As anatomy, penis's is something you'll have to learn to draw better over time. One of the best pinups you've posted so far.
    14 Nov 2014 20:42
  • Xeos: The guy is only just starting, give him a chance. Geez...
    14 Nov 2014 20:37
  • Yaichi: Yeah... When I tried to send them to the admins, it wouldn't send the higher quality pics to them. :/ I'm really sorry!
    14 Nov 2014 19:55
  • Satoshi: The quality of these images is much lower than that of the artist Ferds
    14 Nov 2014 19:39