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You're Safe with Us

Tags: Yukino Aguria, Sabertooth,

23 July 2013
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  • ViviFan: I'll be honest Nabe, I've never been big on your work just because the style has always been too simple for my tastes, but this work of yours is FAR more detailed than the others--her body looks stunning. It really surprised me. I don't even watch Fairy Tail but if you always draw like this then you will have earned yourself a new fan! :) Keep up the great work buddy.
    24 Jul 2013 00:23
  • M: cool please more yukino ad mirajane <3
    23 Jul 2013 20:14
  • yusting: Tags pleased and pico √°ngel x cobra pleased
    23 Jul 2013 12:25
  • nasho: good joob man the yukino boobs so beutiful joob
    23 Jul 2013 01:13