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Sabertooth Succubus Application

Tags: Minerva, Sabertooth,

23 July 2013
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  • Nabe: Yes, that is very true. However, I just post whatever was sent to me and I post whatever the reason was passed to me from the artist. Nabe was silent for 2 weeks and the artists doesn't really communicate with me, except from Darwin(Narutopixxx) and Robert(Onepiecepixxx), so it's really hard to ask why and what happened to the other Images to be posted. but I will keep trying to obtain those late images to get them pinned as soon as possible. Best Regards, -WebAdmin
    23 Jul 2013 20:27
  • Nick: That doesn´t explain why you post 3 requests from Chibi!
    23 Jul 2013 01:42
  • Razaro: Thanks man I've been waiting for another Minerva pic
    23 Jul 2013 00:08