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There Can Be Only One

Tags: Lisanna Strauss, Fellatio, Blowjob,

30 July 2013
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  • Erza lover: First of all welcome back, Nabe!! We all missed you and your artwork. Finally you are back. Love this pic. Very sexy good artwork. No offense, but her face looks more childish than the anime. I am not trying to be rude and I know that I have mention this before, but this just my opinion. Hope noone gets angry. :)
    4 Aug 2013 03:46
  • Natsu-Dragneel: What's up Nabe? Okay i've got a interview-ish question(long time no speak) What is the minimum age of this website?(to look at the pixxx)And what is the max. age? :D
    2 Aug 2013 22:54
  • wesker1984: Now we need a threesome with Lisanna, Mirajane and Elfman and a lesbians scene between Lisanna and Yukino.
    2 Aug 2013 03:04
  • Nabe: oh man, lemme tell you, that "expression" took forever to make glad you like it!
    31 Jul 2013 16:28
  • Jacketguy: That lip ! That alone makes this pic a 10 out of 5, oh Nabe you were made for this job :')
    30 Jul 2013 21:38
  • ErzaxZoro1991: Lisanna is the ultimate package when it comes to hentai. She's both cute and sexy and can pretend to be innocent and sweet while being as kinky and nasty at the same time.
    30 Jul 2013 02:19
  • Sterling: The angle and her expression are really hot. Nice work.
    30 Jul 2013 01:58