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Summoners Take It From The Back

Tags: Lucy Heartfilia, Doggy, Creampie, Penetration,

8 August 2013
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  • Erza lover: Nice pic of Lucy, but I think you should draw her face similar to the manga/anime. Sorry to say it, but this is far away from the anime. But anyhow, good to see that her boobs and body are in perfect shape. Someone would maybe prefer Darwin's work on narutopixxx over you, but I must say that I prefer yours much more. In addition, you are a more trustful artist if you know what I mean. For example, you give response to other non-members/members comment/critic and make a good/funny description in...
    every pic. That makes you better artist than most of the other, though I must disappoint you that Rex artwork is better than yours. Anyhow, keep the good work up and thanks for the pic. :))
    18 Aug 2013 18:29
  • Erza lover: Good to have a response from the artist. You don't get that everywhere. :P
    18 Aug 2013 18:24
  • Nabe: I do appreciate the feedback, bro. I must admit I've never really drawn "japanese style" until my FT tryout, though I do strike gold a bunch of times. My thing now is keeping things consistent. And yeah I've been considering the whole "manga" thing for a long time, since it's much closer to my native drawing methods. Perhaps sometime in the future.
    14 Aug 2013 18:19
  • Yonkou7: Nice. Excellent. Natsu-Lucy onegai.
    12 Aug 2013 14:59
  • fabian: Excelent
    10 Aug 2013 05:27
  • swadawa: Well, im sad to say this but you should improve drastically, i know its easy to say it, on the picture, ok I can recognise Lucy, big tits, blodie, but thats all, nothing more similar, at the beginning you catched the style of Ft, and you just had to improve it, but now, you MAYBE improved, but far away from Ft style, i still have faith in you, i know its not easy to draw them, but its just like what Darwin is doing too, btw his pictures are better than yours (sorry for saying this), but far, fa...
    r away from Rex. There were some good pics yo done in the past, some Juvia and Erza who looked actually like in the manga, thinking about it, wouldn't it be more easier for you to draw hentai manga, without color? Because sometimes Ft manga could be fine too to be a hentai, if you know what i mean . Anywaym , i keep my faith, have a good day.
    9 Aug 2013 13:45
  • Eve Tearm: And Hibiki,Ren Of Course XD
    9 Aug 2013 05:49
  • Eve Tearm: Can You Make Some Of Eve Tearm (Eve Thylm?
    9 Aug 2013 05:48