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What We've Been Suspecting

Tags: Deep Penetration, Missionary, Natsu Dragneel, Ultear Milkovich,

2 January 2013
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  • dragon: Gray or Lyon would be more preferrable.
    6 Jan 2013 12:22
  • Levi Lover: Nabe You Just Got Yourself Famous ... ^_^ Nice Pic Although Ultear's Boobs Should Be Bigger ... Anyways Have A Great New 2013 Expirience
    3 Jan 2013 14:25
  • Nabe: playing with the lighting there, was trying to recreate an "afternoon" scene
    3 Jan 2013 09:31
  • Erza lover: Great pic, Nabe. Am I the only one who think that Natsu's hair is more red than orange like in the anime? And I agree with the others that her breast should be much bigger. Beside that I think great. Thanks!
    3 Jan 2013 06:23
  • Nabe: Like Leon? I'm quite anticipating the two to meet somehow in a future issue, wanna see how that guy reacts.
    3 Jan 2013 05:28
  • Mystro: Ultear is just sexy as always Great job though I would've preferred another character banging her.
    3 Jan 2013 04:13
  • Nabe: exactly :)
    3 Jan 2013 02:53
  • Red Forever: Another beatifull picture Nabe,great job.The only thing to make them better,would be for the girls to have a tad bigger breasts,to match the material a bit more closely.Other than that,this year started strong,have a Happy New Year and keep rocking on.
    3 Jan 2013 00:49
  • Creamtian: Natsu and Ultear would be a really silly couple ^^
    3 Jan 2013 00:22
  • WakeUpKiva: Natsu: For an old guy, you feel like a REAL woman! Ultear: I am a woman, you moron!
    2 Jan 2013 19:36
  • GodOfPeace: Yeah, her breasts should be twice as big, but other than that it's lookin' sweet.^^ Happy new year to you too!
    2 Jan 2013 18:11
  • Nabe: it got a bit tricky doing that while in the middle of it all and Happy New Year, man
    2 Jan 2013 17:26
  • SJ7: Ultear's boobs should probably be a little bigger but nice picture and Happy New Year.
    2 Jan 2013 17:13