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Satisfying the Angel 2.0

Tags: Angel, Tease, Huggy,

27 January 2014
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  • Erza lover: Nice to see Angel!! She is hot!! O_O nice to see Huggy back. It would be epic if you reveled his face after many months like they did in the Grand Magic arc with the perfume cat. :P
    4 Mar 2014 21:27
  • kimaro kudo: If you are doing angel pics do one wirth her and hibiki they match together
    28 Jan 2014 21:21
  • SJ7: Huggy's having such a great month lol. Great pic, love Angel pics.
    28 Jan 2014 17:17
  • Tenshinanawi: Wow, it's beautiful ! It's alway nice to see more Angel pic ! :D
    27 Jan 2014 22:03