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Cleansing Angel

Tags: Creampie, Angel, Gangbang,

2 November 2013
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  • SJ7: Loli is against Hentaikey rules, I believe, and this guy is most likely not a member. I'm pretty sure he just wants you to draw it for free. You should just ignore comment section requests, haha.
    6 Nov 2013 21:32
  • Ferds: yup, just post it at the suggestion box pls :D
    5 Nov 2013 14:50
  • fuke me laxus: Do you mean that you will draw my request??
    5 Nov 2013 11:25
  • Ferds: lol, im a bit squeamish when drawing dicks.. mostly its not my main attraction, but that's just me. i-ill try to improve the dicks next time, if it makes the audience happy. also, doesnt matter if anyone's gay :) each to his/her own shit
    4 Nov 2013 16:19
  • Ferds: well, technically mavis isnt.. but yeah, is it ok here to do loli-ish characters?
    4 Nov 2013 16:17
  • Erza lover: But, yeah, except for that the pic is great and it's nice that you are improving so fast. :D
    4 Nov 2013 15:52
  • Erza lover: I think the right guy's dick is too bright and immpossible to see his head. Yeah, I know this is not Yaoi site and I am not a yaoi (gay) too, though I have nothing against them, but clear details is something nice to see. So please next time please draw his head more clearly. AND for last time I am not a gay, just want to see the things clearly. :)
    4 Nov 2013 15:51
  • Erza lover: It seems that the pedo bear are around here too. Scary
    4 Nov 2013 15:45
  • mes: excellent pic, you're improving once again. no problem with this one
    3 Nov 2013 02:32
  • farhan5988: Nice pic.. i wanna see LUCY's gang-bang in her white lavender bikini.
    2 Nov 2013 17:40
  • fuke me laxus: plz plz plz plz Draw laxus and jura fuke mavis the Title: mavis new plan
    2 Nov 2013 10:53