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Tags: Gray Fullbuster, Boobjob, Angel, Cumshot,

16 October 2013
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  • Erza lover: No, I still think Gaju is better (Juvia and Gray). That's the couple the author also want, I think. :)
    19 Oct 2013 01:37
  • Ferds: well, it just so happened that the last 2 requests came up in, since the other one i made has the wrong instructions :D so there's a line of requests, do check the suggestions page
    17 Oct 2013 14:11
  • Tenshinanawi: Oh my god, this was REALLY fast ! And you did a really good job on this one too ! Thanks you so much ! Also, I have a question, for request, do I have to wait few day before making another one? Can I make a new request right now ? I'm kinda new so ... I don't really know how that work
    17 Oct 2013 11:07
  • Ferds: well, they make the best *plot twists* for me :D
    17 Oct 2013 10:48
  • Markx: they make an excellent tandem
    17 Oct 2013 05:59
  • Pacx: this style is the best please don't change it.
    16 Oct 2013 22:01
  • Problem: Hey Ferds, there's a problem. In the full size, there's some noise. Care to fix that, and in the future?
    16 Oct 2013 21:19