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Satisfying the Angel 03

Tags: Angel, Laxus Dreyar, From Behind, Pussy Juice,

8 February 2014
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  • Erza lover: You are really improving and that's good to know. But still there are many things you need to work on. For ex. she got the wrong skin color (http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110724191825/fairytail/images/b/bf/Angel.jpg) it should be a bit brither and the proportions around her leg is not so good drawn. I think u have noticed that urself. :P anyways, you are improving and that's good to know. yea, keep this style with the coloring plz.
    23 Jul 2014 09:30
  • SJ7: I know from personal experience but I wouldn't use lines with blur. If you do use it then it may work out better for you depending on the artwork maybe.
    9 Feb 2014 21:01
  • Ferds: thanks, noted on the lines
    9 Feb 2014 12:24
  • Hippy: Yes, definitely use this coloring style from now on. It's better suited for your Fairytail drawings and is far more appealing than the last one. We've mentioned this to you before that your lines are better off being just black but I sense you prefer to use lighter colored ones since I see that you're back using them again. The width of the lines are excellent, though. Great job with Laxus's and Angel's face expressions. I Know a part of Angel's right leg is supposed to be behind Laxus's...
    leg but it really doesn't look like it is.
    9 Feb 2014 00:45
  • SCIPUREscripture: cool
    8 Feb 2014 19:30
  • SCIPUREscripture: more marujane struass
    8 Feb 2014 19:27
  • SCIPUREscripture tobuscusfan: more marujane struass'
    8 Feb 2014 19:26
  • Ferds: ok noted that :)
    8 Feb 2014 16:06
  • Xeos: The style is better, but I don't like the "Shininess" or "gloss" effect, and the nipples don't look so great.
    8 Feb 2014 15:43
  • Ferds: oh yeah, well her thighs are (i think) over the dude's leg, and the lower's kinda behind and i like big butts and i cannot lie D:
    8 Feb 2014 15:15
  • Don: i would stay at the style but you should look a little bit more at thr proportions (i hope thats the right word xD) for example her her legs getting really really small at the end but her ass is like that of an elephant :D but her face looks really good now it looks like angel keep on
    8 Feb 2014 14:10
  • SetsunaF.Seiei22: Angel's skin looks very beautiful and very appealing, so please use that style when it comes to female skin-tones
    8 Feb 2014 08:50
  • Fuke me soooo hard laxus: Taaaaaanxxxxx,,sooooo.much,,love it But... Can you make another one ,,and show hes balls and hes dick pleaaaaas
    8 Feb 2014 08:04
  • dillon: hard to say which is better, stick with this for awhile
    8 Feb 2014 07:26
  • xxxLover: This style is better, good job Ferds.
    8 Feb 2014 05:17