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Please Rate Me - Lisanna Strauss

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14 November 2014
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  • Yaichi: Thank you very much! I will continue practicing!
    14 Nov 2014 20:42
  • Xeos: There's a few problems with this one. Firstly, the anatomy. The v-shape for her crotch is too big and cuts into her thighs way to much. It should be smaller. The vagina could use some detail as it just looks like a small pink strip. The nipples as well, they're way to small and look like dots. With breasts of those size, you have to get the nipples to match the proportions otherwise it will look off like this does. That said, the face does look very well drawn and it's pretty to look at...
    . The body proportions aren't to bad as is the pose, and the shading style is perfect. Keep practicing as much as you can, especially on the nipples and vagina.
    14 Nov 2014 20:36