FairyTailPixxx's New Artist - Sample 1 (Lucy)


Posted by Ellery

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27 September 2013
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  • Lukas: Hey these are sad news :'( I like Nabe really well ;-) But who is Elmer? I havent heared this name befor...
    8 Oct 2013 21:12
  • Erza lover: Wow, that's huge and sad news. :'( So that's how it gonna be, Nabe. Then I have first of all thank you for all your effort you have done for both members and non-members. You have done a great job and your artwork have improved exceptionally fast. I have enjoyed your pics and artoworks, and of course your comment. :P I hope and I wish you a successful “field” stuff in the future, healthy life! Wish you a great,healthy,successful life. "Sayonara", Nabe Note: (Japanese: Saynoara=goodbye) Th...
    Then again I give a warm welcome this new artist, Ferds on FTpixxx.com!!! Welcome, bro! :D I hope we will see much good from you now and in the future. I also hope your improvment will suceed fast and good as Nabe. Nabe did it under one year, and I hope you can do the same. In addition I hope you keep the good comments up like Nabe did it in all of his pics. It very nice, funny and entertainment to see and read them. I hope you can make them too. At last, I welcome you on this site and will cheer on you all the way along. Yōkoso, Freude!!! :D Note: (Japanese: yōkoso=welcome)
    7 Oct 2013 18:51
  • tmdwo: Hi
    28 Sep 2013 13:30
  • D:: why is Nabe leaving?he's the better one out of him and the new oneD: the new artist draws....well....kinda childish-looking
    28 Sep 2013 04:17
  • Jacketguy: ... wait, what ?? Was Nabe fired ? If so, why, he's still fairly new to the site so that has me confused. On to the pinups, they're looking fine to me so far. Although I will say that the nipples and areolae seem a bit on the small side. Well I guess I'll finish with a welcome to the new artist. Welcome to the Guild ! :)
    28 Sep 2013 02:30
  • SJ7: Not bad, I like his art style. Enjoy yourself, Nabe.
    27 Sep 2013 22:55
  • ThereIsNoLogic: Nope.
    27 Sep 2013 19:05

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