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FairyTailPixxx’s New Artist – Sample 2 (Erza)

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27 September 2013
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  • swadawa2: Good! Erza's face looks better, and the body looks actually more more you know, sexy, Ft style, well, of course this artist still havent catched the Ft style, but i see potential, by the way, where is Nabe going to go? Because I saw potential in him, some of his early Juvia pics were great, but after that he went in a downslide sadly :( Hope this artist will live up to it, but the lucy piv of his is bad, it is good, but that one is not so, especially the face :O xD
    28 Sep 2013 11:42
  • SJ7: Awesome work. I look forward to seeing more of this guy.
    27 Sep 2013 22:56
  • ErzaxZoro1991: I like this artist better, brings out Erza's true bueaty
    27 Sep 2013 18:33