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Draw Me Like One of

Tags: Tease, Clothed, Brandish,

2 November 2015
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  • wraith: @Nick: as kyuubi said my request was base off the canon storyline design from this scene: http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/fairytail/images/5/52/Brandish_warns_Fairy_Tail.png/revision/latest?cb=20150708090135.also edwardnewgate's real signature request is heels with tanlines.
    18 Nov 2015 20:32
  • Nick: @"wraith": yes sure edwarnewgate, so explain why the fucking heels??
    17 Nov 2015 06:15
  • wraith: @Nick: I don't go by Edwardnewgate or any other screen name, draco75 was my former user before I had gt tech support change it to "wraith." that is the one and only name i go by.
    9 Nov 2015 17:18
  • Johnny: Who are you Krukri? Of course the cheater Edwarnewgate! Non sense? HAHA Its the true cheater, get a life and leave the pixxx sites forever.
    5 Nov 2015 07:03
  • Krukri: It's EVA-013 trolling around sites again man can't you see it? Just ignore that guy he says the same nonsence all the time. Aidan found out and posted on sailormoon Nick/Alberto=EVA-013
    5 Nov 2015 01:24
  • Krukri: And you are another cheater Nick/EVA-013/Alberto, stop cheating you too troll lol
    5 Nov 2015 01:12
  • Nick: @rukiafan: He has only one accout and use multiple names, now he is hacking the new system of the suggestion box for keep cheating us, sadly some artists dont realize that.
    4 Nov 2015 21:22
  • Rukiafan: How does he get the money for all these accounts?
    4 Nov 2015 14:50
  • Nick: I will tell you why the heels: Becuase is one more request from Edwarnewgate! Anyone knows why Lexus1fan, minervarules, purehito-master, the-Joker and a lot more names just dissapear? Becuase this cheater now are using other names: Bizarro, Deathstroke, mewtwo, leonidasspartan, draco75, uzumakifan and more. Thats the true, hope Ferds read this and stop this thief.
    4 Nov 2015 09:51
  • Kyuubi: Maybe because she wears heels in canon.
    3 Nov 2015 23:22
  • Johnny: Why the heels?
    3 Nov 2015 20:48
  • Ferds: i'll try, if they give me a go
    2 Nov 2015 18:25
  • Akatsuki_Pain: Hey Ferds any chance you going back to Fanpixxx? i'd like to submit a request for you there with a non-FT character, moreover i checked and you have some undone requests there as well.
    2 Nov 2015 18:07