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Facial Treat

Tags: Mirajane Strauss, Boobjob,

3 November 2015
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  • Biz: Stop telling the truth.
    12 Dec 2015 10:03
  • Hot Damn: Holy hell, this picture is hot. You may think you can't do tits, but that's hot as hell. Really good job Ferds!
    5 Nov 2015 21:34
  • Sayian: dude, that tit fuck is amazing. if you were bad at drawing, i wouldn't even bother a 2nd tit fuck request for mira. thanks :)
    4 Nov 2015 19:29
  • Don: yea sure you cant keep up with artists like lexus or rex but you sure improved and you are far better than claudius or robert (who is a pixx artists far longer and hasnt improbed a bit) btw i like that pic, her nipples ar a little bit big but it looks still good^^
    4 Nov 2015 19:20
  • victornator47: ferds you suck you drawings dont even look right i dont have any training in this but i can even make better stuff you should be fired
    4 Nov 2015 08:15