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Tease 07 - Unknown Colors

Tags: Nude, Tease, Sayla, Spread Butt,

7 February 2014
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  • Erza lover: Finally! Nice, Sayla-chwan is finally introduced here. The pic look very good, bro. The only thing you could work on is the shading. I am not saying you have done a bad job, but around her pussy and some other places there should have been more shade.
    21 Jul 2014 05:11
  • LemFox: more!
    8 Feb 2014 14:53
  • Tenshinanawi: I didn't said you rush your work... I said that it "looked" rushed, I mean, it's kinda obvious you're trying new styles, but in this case, in my personal opinion, the one before was better ^^" But this picture is still nice, y'know
    8 Feb 2014 07:54
  • Ferds: btw, just so you guys know i never rush my work. at every illustration i make here, is being checked for approval by the admins here, and once it passes to them, then i get paid. i did some experiments (as per instructions to me) and let you, members to give out suggestions and comments for the betterment of the FTpixxx site. Thanks for the suggestions
    8 Feb 2014 04:29
  • Tenshinanawi: I have to say, the shading look a little bit rushed, indeed... ^^" BUT, in the other hand, it's the first hentai picture of her (I think), so I'm totally okay with this, nice job ! I hope we'll see more of her too :p
    7 Feb 2014 21:48
  • ...: thank you ferds this is exactly what i wanted awesome pixxx
    7 Feb 2014 13:31
  • Croft: Hmm, the shading job looks sloppy and rushed. If you're trying out different styles then please just use the anime shading style exactly like that reference link in the description.
    7 Feb 2014 06:50
  • higfig: Amazing way to introduce Sayla to FairyTilpixxx.
    7 Feb 2014 00:20