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Tags: Lucy Heartfilia, Masturbation,

20 December 2012
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  • Erza lover: Great pic, Rex. I love Lucy! She is absolute one of my favorite in FT. Great tits and great masterpiece. Her expression are great too. You are really a master of art! Thanks! I am so excited for the new FT episode there Elfman is going to fight anime Jackie Chan, Bacchus. XD And by the way Nabe, please don't spoil anything from the manga. Because I am following the anime, not the manga. So please do me a favor and don't be a douchebag like all the other spoilers on net. No offense, but I don'...
    t want to know anything from chapter 278 and futher I think.
    22 Dec 2012 07:23
  • Nabe: Huh, alright then. Also, I'm not Rex. :)
    22 Dec 2012 07:22
  • Nabe: I can tell from your IP adress, amigo ;) It's fine, I used to work in tech support so I know how to deal with it~ Anyway, you're right about the Erza. I should go for some hot Er-lovin' one of these days, eh? The sisters tend to get bumped up a lot coz of all the requests.
    22 Dec 2012 07:18
  • coco: again the brush u r using in drawing is too thin, not showing ur full potential
    21 Dec 2012 11:41
  • erza fan: Niceeeee pic nabe. You are drawing sooooooo better than a few weeks ago. I'm not a lucy fan but this is really good pic. I want to see some wendy or erza pic (lesbian if you want but not erza-wendy) i think erza-flare could be a good one or erza-mira or erza-loki sorry for the grammar and "redactions" mistakes i,m from argentina and i dont speak so much inglish. Bye nabe goos luck and happy new year
    21 Dec 2012 06:20
  • Pixxxlover: Man does Lucy look sexy or what? Her tits look awesome with that blissful look on her face! Great work as always nabe
    20 Dec 2012 21:39
  • neko.chan: reaest wendi
    20 Dec 2012 18:15
  • coco: hehe
    20 Dec 2012 13:29
  • Nabe: put it up there anyway, bro... would give me time to cook it up in my pervy ol' head
    20 Dec 2012 12:53
  • koy: thx for doing the request nabe, awesome pic! already have my next request in mind, no worries, dont mind if it takes a while, you still got other requests + the things you want to draw yourself :p keep up the good work!
    20 Dec 2012 12:41
  • M.S.: Cool:D
    20 Dec 2012 12:27
  • Nabe: that's supposed to be the title but I don't wanna crowd the namespace :P
    20 Dec 2012 12:13
  • M.S.: Reference from the song:"Its The End of the World as we know it... And I Feel Fine!!" Good one,Nabe...
    20 Dec 2012 12:08