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  • Nabe: you a mindreader, bro? ;)
    30 Dec 2012 15:52
  • Levi Lover: Nic pic nabe ... Maybe you should put Lisanna Double Penetration and see how awsome thats goona be ... ^_^
    29 Dec 2012 17:31
  • Nabe: I do one every other day or so, like in the MiraxAngel and the VirgoxAries ones. Do expect a some more in the near future.
    22 Dec 2012 07:15
  • Nabe: I think I may have found a way around it. Let's see what I can cook up from here.
    22 Dec 2012 07:14
  • Erza lover: Almost all of the members of FT guild are around the same as Lisanna's age. It's ok with them after my opinion, but as long he dosen't draw Wendy or Marvin (the first FT master). They are too young and it's disgusting with childish porn in real life and also in hentai. Don't you agee? So I beg Nabe not to draw any of those characters. I think he agree with me too. Please do not do it nabe, if it a request too!
    22 Dec 2012 07:11
  • Erza lover: Great view of Lisanna's ass and tits. It's because of the view this sex position is one of my favorite. Although Lisanna is very young she is a hotbomb! :D A girl with big and great tits and a hot pussy. Who would't wish for that for Christmas? Anyway, thanks Nabe. You are doing a great job, but can you begin with Christmas pixxx? Because we are way in the Christmas season and I think many members/non-members wish for that too. Hope you make some pixxx releated to this season before it's over.
    22 Dec 2012 07:06
  • Faelivan: I just want say, that most of people in anime are childern, so please dont take it seriously... :)
    21 Dec 2012 07:21
  • Nabe: Lol, yeah. Thanks Sarge! <em>*salute*</em> If you can put it up there on that "Suggestion Box" to the right, I'll see what I can do about it. As far as I know, only members can post stuff on that thing.
    20 Dec 2012 11:24
  • Reaver: hey man i love your pics can you please do a natsu x lissana pic i love that pair.
    20 Dec 2012 04:47
  • Sarge: Your skills are rising up quickly lol. Before you know it your pixxx will be lookin like they were taking from the actual series. Keep up the good work ^^ and don't worry about some of the weirder stuff, like Natsu's "aheago" face. Sometimes weird stuff is the hottest xP Last thought, do you take requests from anyone, or paid members only?
    20 Dec 2012 03:53
  • Grunt: Win just Win that is all thanks for another great pic beautiful job on the face.
    20 Dec 2012 02:00
  • BlackStar: OMG This just WOW WOW WOW Lisanna so lovely sexy cutie. I love this masterpiece. thank very very much for this
    19 Dec 2012 21:03
  • Nabe: touche!
    19 Dec 2012 17:33
  • Faelivan: Dont you mind that Lissana is only 17 years old? :D btw very nice pic and she really is cute and pure :D
    19 Dec 2012 17:01
  • Ddd: Im really impressed of how good you are at drawing faces man :D Keep up the awesome work!
    19 Dec 2012 16:58
  • paz: You should make a kagura x minerva x erza strap on lesbian pic as anticipation for the next chapter :D Love the pic you really are improving a lot Maybe add a bit more blush for lisanna though
    19 Dec 2012 16:49

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