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Tags: Deep Penetration, Juvia Lockser, Creampie,

30 March 2013
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  • Nabe: gracias, señor fernandez~! the story behind this is set just after she got recruited, thus the hair thingy I personally like the new hair anyhow... so wavy... :)
    2 Apr 2013 19:58
  • Nabe: I did one before featuring Erza, the whole place got so fed up with her at one point and I had to stop then I did another one that showcased a whole bunch of minor characters, people thought I'm rolling out chicks in random or something... well, what I'm sorta doing these days is make "sequels" for some of the older pieces, if you read the descriptions a bit closely they kinda form a vague narrative in a certain sequence ;)
    2 Apr 2013 19:52
  • dktv9: hey nabe have u ever thought of doing your own series for the site like for example bleach pixxx has spotlight and others?
    2 Apr 2013 02:58
  • jeral fernandez: buen pixxx primero cabello corto luego cabello largo ahora debe ser cabello ondulado te amo juvia i love juvia
    31 Mar 2013 13:17
  • Nabe: not really bothered, in fact, I'm kinda expecting a jab or two from the usual folk who come to this blog yeah, been trying to run a gauntlet here, I wanna work on my endurance and speed, if you could call that everyone needs to level up, from time to time, and all that
    30 Mar 2013 21:04
  • Erza lover: The pic is not that bad, but her hair color dosen't match up like in the anime if you ask me. Don't want to bother you with much critic, but had to say that man. Anyhow, to come with a so many pic in a so shot time is amazing. So I am more than grateful.:)
    30 Mar 2013 20:56
  • Nabe: yeah, that's one of 'em things
    30 Mar 2013 19:07
  • koy: dont want to be too much of a critic, but if you'd ask me, her face seems a bit awekward...
    30 Mar 2013 17:47