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An Old Render

Tags: Deep Penetration, Mirajane Strauss,

29 March 2013
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  • Mystogan-Edolas: I'd love to see Mirajane and Erza in a hot position fucking
    3 Apr 2013 23:29
  • coco: Nabe.. this one is the best so far... I loved the variety of thick and thin lines instead of using 1px through all the picture. The face expression is one of the best. This is gr8 Nabe
    31 Mar 2013 05:16
  • Nabe: gotta admit, I basically didn't know what I was doing and just played with a lot of settings then somehow lucked out by the end and in many ways, I did this during that time when I had way too much free time, as in "I'm unemployed lol let's draw naked chicks!" and it shows... sometimes I look back and try to figure out which is which, much easier said than done, and then there's pressure from people to make it "look like ___" and all that one go at a time, though... I'd hit all the good points...
    , on purpose this time, one way or another
    30 Mar 2013 17:05
  • CoinDrop: I prefer this drawing over your newer ones, to tell you the truth. The face expression is what caught my attention the most. The body looks a lot more accurate being a hell of a lot better than the last one you did of Mirajane. I like that they aren't any color effects that kinda ruins it, in my opinion. Just looks better natural with no fancy stuff. The only thing that looks odd about this is the weird skin tone of the guy being burgundy colored. :X
    30 Mar 2013 13:55
  • Toto: My favorite yet
    30 Mar 2013 06:26
  • Sj: Nice PS: You should do more Ur.
    30 Mar 2013 05:20
  • mirafan: this kind of drawing style looks awesome more of it plz
    29 Mar 2013 20:03
  • It is a Amazing Pix: Can you keep this style it is amazing
    29 Mar 2013 19:35