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Warped World 04 - Something Angelic

Tags: Dildo, Wendy Marvell, Nopan, Pussy Juice, Spread Legs,

19 October 2014
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  • Gray-SamaFairy: Omfg I love this! And I love Wendy! God I'd love to fuck the shit out of her tight, per teen pussy! I'm not sure how you make requests, but I have a request, can anyone make a right nice art of a Wendy blowjob? Like she's really deep throating it! And she's on her knees, taking it down her throat like the good little girl she is! I never see enough hentai of her, i've never once seen her pretty little month around a huge cock.
    26 Apr 2015 05:52
  • Ferds: thanks for the suggestions :) and glad ya liked it
    21 Oct 2014 01:51
  • Jacketguy: Yeah I'm thinking either her (aka Michelle) or Mavis since they're the only ones I can recall that are blonde and even have similar hair length to Panty. Mavis would kinda fit the *ahem* younger theme Wendy has going on here, so there's that. Anyway onto the pic, that's a damn good Wendy right there! If only I could vote, I'd vote the living fuck out of this pic (´▽`)
    21 Oct 2014 01:07
  • Tenchi2k: why does everyone request her with giant boobs? not that i mind. but i just can't belive no one ever requests loli wendy
    20 Oct 2014 23:32
  • Natsu Strauss: @Ferds Wow, Wendy is still sex despite her young age ! *-* ♥ The Edolas Wendy is even sexier but the small Wendy Earthland'll end up being as exciting as his alter ego Edolas ! :D I have a suggestion for the next " Warp World " (or other special categories under Fairy Tail Pixxx) it : http://belucen.deviantart.com/art/Gift-Chelia-Blendy-364709273 It's been a long time (too long even) that we do not have it seen in Fairy Tail Pixxx, either in queries or members in good ideas from Fairy T...
    Tail Pixxx, so I think it would be really great if it rediscovered its place in Pixxx of Fairy Tail Pixxx. It's possible, Ferds ? :-/
    20 Oct 2014 19:08
  • Lexus1Fan: WOW this wendy is so fucking HOT, i wish i could be an anime now to fuck this delicous blue haired babe. You even make chicks nails great job Ferds, keep up mate. But i think you should do more babes with tanline and heels :). As for suggestion my is Imitatia, we almost dont have pic with her.
    20 Oct 2014 18:26