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Tags: Lesbian, Dildo, Ultear Milkovich, Meredy,

7 June 2013
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  • Erza lover: It's a lovely lesbian/yuri pic, but don't ya think that Meredy's face looks younger than it should be. From the other pics you have drawn of her does she look a little younger with her face. Well, that' s just my opinion about it. Anyhow, thanks and keep the good work up! :D
    18 Jun 2013 18:29
  • Nabe: yeah, would be kinda nice if we could explore a UltearxLeon ship... imagine the possibilities :)
    9 Jun 2013 23:03
  • mest: Lovely lesbian duo pic. Nice draw :) hope ultear doesn't die in the actual manga ;_;
    9 Jun 2013 17:32
  • koy: hurray, more meredy AND yuri (and by yuri i mean lesbian, in case other people might think i mean it as a name) good job nabe :p
    8 Jun 2013 07:35