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Tags: Levi Mcgarden, Nude, Tease, Spread Vagina, Spread Legs,

23 July 2014
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  • Ryder: I can't wait to see an Erza Scarlet drawing with this coloring style.
    24 Jul 2014 10:19
  • Xeos: To be totally honest Ferds, there really hasn't been any substantial improvement in your art since you began. Fairy Tail Pixxx's art has really been below average for a Pixxx site , where as all the others Pixxx sites all have artists that provide a stable flow of quality art. I'm not saying this to call you out on anything but things really need to improve. The faces are the most important in your art, it helps us recognize which character is which. I don't know if you use reference pics or...
    not to draw them, but they really don't look right. The more detailed the faces, the better the overall image will look. Body proportions are something you need to be consistent with. You said you didn't like drawing penis's a while back but it has to be done so that the art looks of a good quality. The female anatomy needs to be improved upon. the style of your nipples aren't very good and the labia's and vagina's just looked like chopped up. Use reference pics if you have to and try to differentiate styles of Labia's to get a wider variety of designs that you can use. If you're having trouble looking for styles, why not try different things? The style you're using currently is not the best as it doesn't match the style of the anime, so why not have a week or two period where you try different art styles and post them here to see what people think? In terms of an art style, Darwin's is perfect for Fairy Tail, so why not try a style like that or something similar. Everybody is free to disagree with me, downvote me or whatever, but Fairy Tail Pixxx has been neglected for far too long and you can't deny it hasn't been. Seeing as the shuffling of artists is no longer happening, It needs another artist who is decent that can provide art as well as Ferds like the rest of the sites. I hope you respect what I have to say Ferds, and that you see it purely as constructive criticism that you can use how you see fit.
    24 Jul 2014 05:17
  • john: Much better!
    23 Jul 2014 23:56
  • Natsu Strauss: Levy demonstrates us that even the "serious" said reading in its small mischievous sides.... xP Seriously, excellent work Ferds ! :D
    23 Jul 2014 22:32
  • SJ7: It's nice. I personally think this kind of shading trumps over blur shading but that may just be me.
    23 Jul 2014 21:49
  • Ferds: ill try to work on that (wait.. which one, i cant see.. uh) also, took me alot of pics to find this style.
    23 Jul 2014 21:37
  • Blaise: This is your style Ferds! It really makes your picture looks great and more colorful. Besides that pinkish streak on the left that you should may or may not fix (it is a minor issue, so I don't think you should worry about it). Otherwise, I think you should keep this style, It really looks better, Goodjob Ferds.
    23 Jul 2014 21:21