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11 May 2014
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  • nemunemunemu: I think those tits match Juvia more than with Levy But, damn that expresion is gorgeous! :D
    12 May 2014 22:12
  • Ferds: i enjoyed the boobs part, then i thought "ohshit, it got bigger" lol well thanks
    12 May 2014 02:54
  • NXD: excellent work Freds! I also think the breast are okay - i mean even if someone should say they aren't okay, an artist always should have some freedom. i think i will keep going with Levy ~
    11 May 2014 22:57
  • Xeos: Don't know what you're so worried about, Levy has reasonably sized breasts.
    11 May 2014 14:21
  • Natsu Strauss: An excellent work as usual Ferds ! :D I noted this beautiful work with five magnificent stars as it deserves him ! =3 He delays me seeing the result of all the commands which one made you and which you have not realized yet, that promises to be really very interesting. ^^ Especially very being strained as usual. x"3 ♥
    11 May 2014 02:14