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Tags: Juvia Lockser, Oshiri, Swimsuit,

9 October 2013
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  • Erza lover: yeah, this is a naughty and good pic. that's the way you should go. keep it up!! :D
    19 Oct 2013 01:08
  • WTF: Nice work!
    11 Oct 2013 21:43
  • Ferds: <strong>dont worry bro, believe in me who believes in you.</strong>
    10 Oct 2013 06:38
  • coco: This is between you and me bro.. I am not a paying member for a reason, and I am not talking about you here since it's ur 7th update so far, but those who've been there for years and haven't improved for bit. their art style can only be found on newspapers, kids happy meal boxes and free amateur sites, and guess what... they charge you money to see that!! Don't you agree? I keep checking such sites from time to time to see something that can change my mind, something to meet my standards... I se...
    e good potential in you and I believe that you'll be the one changing my mind and make me satisfied enough to become a member, so is it a deal? If so , I'll be waiting ;)
    10 Oct 2013 05:06
  • Marx: Personally I'd keep this artistic style, and work more on it. this is a hot picture indeed: 4/5.
    10 Oct 2013 03:16
  • nexy: I love the face and this style is much better than the prev drawing of ultearxhades. Keep it up!
    10 Oct 2013 03:06
  • Nexi: This one was much better than the ultearxhades one you did recently. Don't listen to anyone as this style is the best!!!
    10 Oct 2013 03:04
  • Ferds: <strong>first off, i was never copying anyone's style. I'm continously developing/adapting on every art i work on, as for the lines, i'm trying out different styles. So don't assume that i rush my work. I never did. i thank you guys for the comments for they help me alot. I used to work on western style animation and illustration so im kinda getting the gist of anime (well, professionally drawing anime is awesome), and thanks for all the wonderful suggestions :D</strong>
    10 Oct 2013 00:24
  • Xeos: This is pretty hot, but the face doesn't look that great, and they eyes could do with having that "Anime" look and feel to them, but overall 3.5/5 Not a bad effort.
    9 Oct 2013 23:23
  • coco: You are adopting Nabe's style which isnt the best and rushed all the time. You are way better in my opinion. You should ask for tips from Ellery and Rex to improve your lines and coloring.
    9 Oct 2013 22:42
  • farhan5988: I like this one. more perverted pics please.
    9 Oct 2013 21:36