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New Year Preparations 09

Tags: Chelia Blendy, Oshiri,

31 December 2013
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  • fairytail FTW: they see ferds rolling they hating but hes stil beasting this pixxx yeah still beasting his pixxx beastinghis pixxx :P (parody of a song) hey ferds not hating or so but could u make more pics the way you made that of lisanna i dont know why but i find that drawing style better in my opinion but nice as Always
    31 Dec 2013 17:57
  • Ferds: im on a roll, yeah happy new year too man :D
    31 Dec 2013 16:33
  • higfig: Dude, you are on some serious fire with these pics, chill out! Happy New Year!
    31 Dec 2013 15:41