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Natsu's Girls In Action

Tags: Lucy Heartfilia, Lesbian, Lisanna Strauss, Foursome,

2 December 2015
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  • Natsu-Strauss: Oh phew.... (>.<)" It makes me feel ! :D Because when I saw " My last one for FT Pixx " I thought you wanted leave the site. :-/ I worried for nothing really. ^^""" (Very sorry) My request is under the pseudonym " gx42862622 " because I had not yet nickname or subscription to the site, would you put this request on behalf of my nickname " Natsu-Strauss " (Once it would be my turn, my last request is very recent one must first pass a fe...
    w other requests from other priority before proceeding to mine) Please. :) Thank you in advance. ^^
    9 Dec 2015 17:57
  • Ferds: im not leaving, im just assigned to fanpixxx. ill try to work on your requests as soon as possible
    9 Dec 2015 13:39
  • Natsu-Strauss: You leave Fairy Tail Pixx, Ferds.... ? :-/ It's a shame I find... For me (and probably for many others), you were the best artist of the site and also the most appreciated ! (I also think the same thing) There are also other things... There are a lot of members who have done you a lot of requests (in addition to this one, which also me), that will it happen to our requests? We'll have to redo or another artist will do it? (Lexus, for example.) I would like an answer from you, Ferd...
    s, or other artists if you can not answer. If you please. Thank you in advance. (Personally, I do not want you to leave the site, but hey, if the site members we can not do anything about it we'll be fine forced to accept)
    9 Dec 2015 00:21