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More Fun Times With Haiku

Tags: Lesbian, Dildo, Mirajane Strauss, Ikaruga, Lesdom, Strap-on,

13 February 2013
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  • Flgerian: Facial expressions need work. You characters don't really look like they're being pleasured. They just look a bit umm.... Dull. Nice pic anyway :)
    19 Feb 2013 03:58
  • Nabe: Yeah, I kinda regret trying to do an "oppai" thing. I suppose I should've stuck to my old plan.
    13 Feb 2013 15:26
  • Cloud: This is good But Mira's body is strange and her breasts are WAAAAY bigger ;/
    13 Feb 2013 14:47
  • Kagami: Very nice Nabe. :-) Just a pitty that Mira got another woman instead of a penis... :(
    13 Feb 2013 13:32
  • Chaos: ONCE AGAIN MAN. U made my day. Epicness.
    13 Feb 2013 05:13
  • H.K: If I were you, I would put some bright spots in the skin, like the "Narutopixx" and "Bleachpixxx" dudes does, just a advice that I want to share... by the way, I love the way you did the Breasts on the previous pics, like " It wasn't A ROCK" , "Sowing The Seeds Of… “LOVE!” ", "A Gangbang Is So Much Better… ", "The Irony Behind “Heated Grappling” " and others, and I would like to ask to you keep doing this kind of breasts, cuz' they are the best! I really LOVE and appreciate your art ^^
    13 Feb 2013 04:20
  • boobgodslayer: No. Just, no. I'm not sure for Ikaruga, but Mirajane is definitely disproportionate. Frankly, it looks like you took Wendy's body, inflated the boobs marginally, and pasted Mira's head on. I've seen you do wonders with Mirajane before. It's disappointing to see that this is the result of what seems like a cool character grouping.
    13 Feb 2013 04:00