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Meeting Herself

Tags: Lesbian, Scissors, Dildo, Wendy Marvell, Nude, Wendy Marvell (adult), Tease,

11 August 2015
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  • Boomber: A picture of Wendy x Carla ( human form ) would be sweet :3
    26 Aug 2015 20:04
  • koy: not sure, was thinking either blue or red.... maybe blue, since it's the same color as the hair :p
    16 Aug 2015 19:58
  • Ferds: i think i cant add the charle, thats an additional character. Thanks for suggestion, will try to add her though, and ok on the expression and color. wait, what color of dildo?
    16 Aug 2015 19:17
  • koy: just made another comment, but wasn't logged in, so not sure if it came through
    16 Aug 2015 14:55
  • koy: first of all, thx for doing my request ^^ as for modifs.. maybe changing color of the dildo (if that was planned to be black) as for the younger one's face, would nice to have her enjoy it abit more also, might be funny to have a naked charla (or however you spell her name..her cat but in human form) coming out of the bathroom with a bath towel, surprised face with the towel in process of falling. that last part with charla would be some extra "background" stuff. i'm not sure if i'm all...
    owed to ask this much. (also, if you're gonna do it.. that towel stuff, you decide how much the towel has fallen already, whatever is easier to draw)
    16 Aug 2015 14:53
  • WakeUpKiva: Oh yeah! Always wanted to see this! Double Wendy all the way
    16 Aug 2015 06:02