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Tags: Lucy Heartfilia, Lesbian, Scissors, Mary Hughes,

17 October 2013
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  • G27: I like. Excellent. xD Please, don't forget my request: Natsu, Lucy and Flare.
    19 Oct 2013 15:59
  • Erza lover: I think Mary's body color should be more lighted if you want to follow the anime. Just look at this pic: http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120512103231/fairytail/images/2/29/Mary_Hughes_Profile_Picture.JPG Beside of that, the pic is epic. It look like that Lucy is attracted as always. :D great job, Ferds! Keep it up, man! :D
    19 Oct 2013 01:45
  • Ferds: they're in a better place now. i think
    18 Oct 2013 12:20
  • Ferds: lucy's got that childish expression as always, i kinda got a hard time giving mary (not michelle) a decent expression based on some references since she got limited scenes. Thanks for the comment
    18 Oct 2013 12:19
  • Ferds: ok noted. i always put (even on my other works, if applicable) those colored overlay blur lines on my illustrations, and since many seems to not like it.. ill remove it on my next work. Thanks fo the suggestion
    18 Oct 2013 12:17
  • Hippy: Decent job on this one. However, I see that you remain with the same reddish-brown color for the lines. It would be best to make the lines pitch-black to have them be visibly more noticeable, like similar to Narutopixxx. And also, I think you might be saving your pictures in the wrong settings. They are not in high quality while having pixel noises around the edges. You'll know what I'm talking about if you zoom in on them.
    18 Oct 2013 10:25
  • Ryuzaki_kun: where are the other artists?
    18 Oct 2013 08:28
  • Markx: Stick to this style. You drew lucy perfectly, but michelle's face looks like a little off though. Great work overall c:
    18 Oct 2013 03:47