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23 November 2013
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  • Erza lover: Great artwork, Ferds. This is very good improvement!! keep it up!! ^_^ By the way, you forgot the tears you know. If she is forced then she must cry too. I hate rape pics usually, but I liked this one. She is just saying "No, no, just Gray-sama can do that. :P
    28 Nov 2013 19:00
  • Erza lover: without any doubt she is one of the hottest. Erza is on the same level. Those two are the hottest.
    28 Nov 2013 18:58
  • nemunemunemu: Yes! i love when a new pic o juvia appears, she is the hottest in fairy tail good job
    24 Nov 2013 02:39
  • Hippy: I have to say that this one here is my favorite drawing you've done so far. I'm really impressed with how you drew her body. Keep it up, Ferds! :D
    23 Nov 2013 23:26
  • N: Great job, awesome as always
    23 Nov 2013 23:09
  • pratz: this is so hot, your better pic compared to the previous 2. nice job :)
    23 Nov 2013 14:01