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Double Treat

Tags: Bukakke, Jenny Realight, Nude,

24 November 2013
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  • Erza lover: Like the pic, but I think she have too huge boobs. No offese, but I think she should have a little bit smaller boobs. And that make her look fat. Well, that's what I think. Other than that the artwork is great! Keep it up! :D
    28 Nov 2013 19:04
  • Ferds: np. glad ya liked it :)
    25 Nov 2013 16:40
  • Ferds: lol. that's what i thought at first, too :-s
    25 Nov 2013 16:39
  • Jacketguy: Every single time I see her name I think it reads "Realtight" XD
    25 Nov 2013 05:26
  • Tenshinanawi: Thanks you Ferds ! I love the expression on her face ! Also, you should try to improve on the shading, it look weird in some places, but other than that, it's perfect !
    24 Nov 2013 14:17