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Aquarius' Big Hole! (Old Render)

Tags: Creampie, Aquarius, Hentai, Fairytailpixxx,

15 December 2012
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  • Nabe: I did this a long time ago, before seriously deciding on watching/reading up the material. Just had a few character descriptions to work on and then headshots. It's mainly why I don't post the ancient stuff. They gave her a pair of sexy legs in the OVA. But then those things ain't canon, mostly :P .
    19 Dec 2012 04:26
  • Erza lover: Isn't Aqurias suppose to be a mermaid, Nabe? Then how the fuck have she legs and pussy? I was just wondering. Maybe the explanation ia that she is on land and not in the water and therefore she have legs, just like in one of the American cartoons. I do not remember the name of that certain cartoon. Anyway, it's not a problem at all and the pic is great too. Thanks for the pic, Nabe. You are a nice fellow!
    18 Dec 2012 07:46
  • coco: Adjusting to a new style! i can't wait bro..
    16 Dec 2012 17:00
  • Fairytaihentaiover: Your Work Keeps Getting Better
    16 Dec 2012 14:55
  • Xeos: Hey nabe this style is good, why did you change to a different one? At the moment the Pixxx that your producing look a little.. Bland in colour.
    16 Dec 2012 10:32