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A Warm, Well Come

Tags: Lucy Heartfilia, Bukakke,

8 July 2013
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  • ttc: Can you send some more pictures like this to mailbox?Thank you very much
    13 Jul 2013 14:39
  • Nabe: ever since somebody from tvtropes brought it up, several months ago, to be honest... but of course nobody's sure before
    10 Jul 2013 20:08
  • DFT125: pls make creampie, erza scarlet, mirajane strauss,natsu dragneel, reverse cowgirl, threesome, woman on top
    10 Jul 2013 06:46
  • swadawa2: You remember me? I wrote a comment about your pics to keep improving, and some thoughts about other pixxx sites, and you said Darwin is good, well his last picture WAS really good , so there is a chance for him to be better than Rex, because Rex's art was incredible good, but not naruto style, but i see the style in Darwin, and of course this pic of yours is good now, this time, but still not quite like a real manga Lucy, but im sure you will improve your skills, and you have the Ft style too...
    9 Jul 2013 17:22
  • Maityoman: Damn she looks so innocent. But its HOT!
    9 Jul 2013 10:33
  • uxn: It so Amazing. I hope you make the 'bukakke' picture again like this. I like it.
    9 Jul 2013 06:55
  • 007dragon: Great pic Nabe and also since you read the super-chapter I'm sure you're feeling a Mavis/Zeref thing going on, huh?
    8 Jul 2013 22:55