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Sweet Revenge

Tags: Lucy Heartfilia, Natsu Dragneel, Flare Corona, Tease, From Behind,

7 January 2015
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  • Pain-Sama: It would be cool to see more like this - I mean with subs and like the last Minerva pic. Awesome good job.
    14 Jan 2015 02:02
  • KOF-Hentai: Hahaha i didn't expect you would do exactly as a game style, it wasn't my intention at all its sexy and fun lol. But now it's done i like it thanks man. Both girls are sexy good job
    12 Jan 2015 22:03
  • George: nice one!
    12 Jan 2015 21:17
  • Yona: Natsu fuck lucy from behind
    12 Jan 2015 19:20
  • Don: love it! the game style is a really nice idea! pls do the same for my request when you do them ^^
    12 Jan 2015 18:38
  • TheRealFucker: Omg! This is so hot..pls ferd,do more subs
    12 Jan 2015 18:19
  • Lexus1Fan: LOL its hot and funny at the same time xD. Good work ferds and the one who requested too, its a nice idea for my future requests, this and the 'swallow routine' you just did with Minerva.
    12 Jan 2015 18:13
  • Ferds: maybe i'm just being too oc with the remaining requests.. and i dont wanna miss anything i guess
    12 Jan 2015 17:52
  • GoP: holy shit, flare's boob looksa really hot with that tattoo!
    12 Jan 2015 17:49
  • Celto: Ferds, requests will always be behind schedule as the sites get overthrown with tons of them. Take your time getting to them. In between these requests though, you can draw pics with characters you want in them. It's a surprise for us to see who you'll pick!
    11 Jan 2015 19:21
  • R: Ferds, there are a few photos uncolored and cant see some of them, please resolve it
    8 Jan 2015 15:51
  • Gareet: Yuo havent done meredy pic in ages
    7 Jan 2015 21:46