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Sven: Drunkard

28 Sep 2017

Kinana Bound

Sven: Kinana Bound

27 Sep 2017


Sven: Catgal

26 Sep 2017

Cowgirl Day

Sven: Cowgirl Day

25 Sep 2017

Under My Control

Lexus: Under My Control

16 Sep 2017


Sven: Creamer

5 Sep 2017

Hotdog Sandwich

Sven: Hotdog Sandwich

4 Sep 2017

Bang-bang Lucy

Sven: Bang-bang Lucy

3 Sep 2017

Wood Maker

Sven: Wood Maker

11 Aug 2017

Hotdog Sandwich

Sven: Hotdog Sandwich

10 Aug 2017


Sven: Dominance

9 Aug 2017

Bondage Lucy

Lexus: Bondage Lucy

4 Aug 2017

Succubus Erza

Lexus: Succubus Erza

3 Aug 2017

Erza Cocktail

Lexus: Erza Cocktail

2 Aug 2017

Devil Mavis

Lexus: Devil Mavis

1 Aug 2017


Lexus: Mavis

26 Jul 2017


Lexus: Kitty

25 Jul 2017

Lucy and Zeira

Lexus: Lucy and Zeira

24 Jul 2017

Flare Pleasure

Koala: Flare Pleasure

5 Jul 2017

Lucy's Tease

Joe: Lucy's Tease

4 Jul 2017

Hardcore Lucy

Lexus: Hardcore Lucy

25 Jun 2017

Erza Cocktail

Lexus: Erza Cocktail

23 Jun 2017

Devil Mavis

Lexus: Devil Mavis

21 Jun 2017


Yaichi: Mirajane

15 Jun 2017

Tribadism Act

Sven: Tribadism Act

15 Jun 2017

Flare Pleasure

Sven: Flare Pleasure

14 Jun 2017

Dragon Force

Sven: Dragon Force

13 Jun 2017

Up For Grabs

Sven: Up For Grabs

12 Jun 2017

Table Manners

Sven: Table Manners

9 Jun 2017

Sweet Ram

Sven: Sweet Ram

8 Jun 2017

Riding Laxus

Sven: Riding Laxus

7 Jun 2017

Fuck me there

Sven: Fuck me there

5 Jun 2017

Chaste dream

Sven: Chaste dream

2 Jun 2017

Lucy and Zeira

Lexus: Lucy and Zeira

29 May 2017

Juvia Fun Time

Joe: Juvia Fun Time

29 May 2017

Erza's Day

Joe: Erza's Day

21 Apr 2017

Yukino GATE

Lexus: Yukino GATE

25 Feb 2017

Joe: Quick Notice: Please Read

What's up, you guys?! Just posting to let you know that the unified request pool seems to be already working. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? Well, this means that regardless of what pixxx site you're in, you can put in a request for an anime you like and the artist you want to work on that request for you. WHAT DO MEMBERS DO? Same thing as always - put in your request, choose your anime, include the details and references, choose your artist and wait until your request gets done. Please note that artists can easily get overwhelmed with requests so please don't make your requests too complicated. Note also that the more complex your request is (like if you request a threesome, or more), the longer it takes the artist to do it AND the longer it takes for your next turn on the request queue. Also, DON'T SPAM IT, DAMMIT! LOL! But seriously, stop spamming the request box as it just gets too crowded and confusing. Your request does show up on our list so you only need to put your request in ONCE. Please note that we do requests chronologically BY MEMBER and NOT BY EACH MEMBER'S REQUEST. So what's that mean, you say? Well, let's say you got over-excited and you put in too many requests too soon. Once your turn is up on the queue, the artist can choose anyone of those request you added regardless of when you put them in. So please don't put in another request unless: 1 - your first request hasn't been done yet. 2 - you want the artist to have different choices on your request (but the artist only does ONE of those). This should discourage members from flooding the request box. What's that? Did you say artists "skip members"? Well, that's true. But ONLY IF: 1 - your request has recently been done by ANY artist. And normally, "recently" means 2-3 weeks from your last FINISHED request and also depending on the volume of requesters for that particular artist. So please don't flood any one artist with your requests as much as possible. Distribute them evenly if you can for all artists. This should prevent one artist from doing too much and one artist doing too little. 2 - you make duplicates of your request and put them in for each artist hoping any artist who becomes free first gets to do it. While you may think this is a good move, well, we don't. Artists will just get confused on who'll do your request so we just skip it. So DECIDE on who you want to do your request early on and don't spread it out to all artists. You may think you're being smart, but you just might get skipped in the end. WHAT DO ARTISTS DO WITH THE REQUEST? Each artist has their own "list" of requests. Everytime you put in a request to an artist, that gets queued up on their work load chronologically. Once we're done with your request, we'll post it on its respective pixxx site - Bleachpixxx for Bleach requests, Narutopixxx for Naruto requests, you get the idea. This means you'll see artists post all over the place. And by 'all over the place', I mean all the pixxx sites, of course. So, I hope this is clear and that I've covered all the important bits. If you've more questions, please post them on the comments so we can see them. (PS: We're seeing requests on the unified pool from 6th of February onwards. If your request happens to be earlier than that date, your request will be on the old system. We can still find that of course. So you have two options then: 1 - you can let us know if you want us to work on that old request and we'll look it up. 2 - you can just repost or make a new request on the new request box so it falls on the new queue) Cheers! -Joe

22 Feb 2017

Super Minerva!

Lexus: Super Minerva!

10 Feb 2017

SAO Fairies!

Lexus: SAO Fairies!

2 Feb 2017

Lucy as Chitoge

Lexus: Lucy as Chitoge

27 Jan 2017

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