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Gift for Natsu

By Request from uwlover: Lucy is filming herself fully naked masturbating underwater in a pool for Natsu. She's squatting over a dildo, spreading her pussy open with one hand and squeezing one of her breasts with the other. The pose will be similar to this except for the arms placement: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/630611426683125761/901269557262573638/1c3a7dea3409a8c578d12571e1705a45.png The angle is similar to this: https://fairytailpixxx.com/post/peeking-dragon#post she's looking down at the camera. The view is from the camera in front of her, looking upwards towards Lucy

Characters: Lucy Heartfilia,

Tags: Lucy Heartfilia, Solo, Sexy Pose, Fairytailpixxx,

21 November 2021
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  • uwlover: I mean this looks nice but, she's not really underwater like I had requested :/
    22 Nov 2021 20:33