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Tags: Missionary, Yukino Aguria, Pov,

25 February 2017
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  • Don/fish1337: In my opinion the best way would be to pay the artists for qualaty not quantaty (like for comissions for example). Lexus is one of the few artists left that do orgy pics and it would be a shame to see this disapear ;(
    26 Feb 2017 14:12
  • Mikema: Hello i'm sorry but the new suggestion box isn't working i try to post my request but it won't show up no matter how many times i try. I'm here to say to Lexus you can replace my old Halloween request by the new one i'm trying to post if you guys allow me i'll leave it on textsave. Request is this (http://textuploader.com/d1bda) You don't have to show this comment just leave me a note or a comment here or in one of your futures updates so i know you got this request. Thanks and sorry for the...
    other request it ended to complicated at all and also thanks for the warning
    25 Feb 2017 17:59
  • dragonshiryu: Hey man i think you forgot to add Minerva eye shadow in my request, when you have some spare time can you add please? i think that will not take more than 10 minutes of your time to add, am I right?
    25 Feb 2017 16:01
  • Phllbrun: I think it might be a good idea to find some way to limit requests of that size. Not only is it unfair to you artists, but other members end up waiting longer for their requests because 1 person asks for 3-4 times as many characters. Just my opinion.
    25 Feb 2017 02:24