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You Just Came... Sumimasen

Tags: Woman On Top, Creampie, Penetration, Aries,

27 May 2013
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  • Erza lover: Yeah, this pic should get a much higher ratings! I must agree to that you have improved with both quality and drawings in just couple of months. That's really impressive. Your drawings is more and more similar to the manga/anime by the time you have been here and not only that but your hard working is better than any other artist on the pixxx-sites. So, keep the good work up, man! :)
    18 Jun 2013 17:50
  • ViviFan: Great mentality to have Nabe, I'm very impressed. I can tell you'll grow extensively as an Artist in just a few short years. If all of your seniors had that same hard-working mentality, Pixxx services would be a thousand times better :)
    30 May 2013 09:02
  • mest: how can this be a one star rating? people who voted are freaking stupid. aries looks lovely and her sorry speeches are always amusing =w=
    30 May 2013 05:36
  • Nabe: I know, right? I've kinda learned to just stop worrying and keep drawing. These things ain't gonna render by themselves.
    29 May 2013 19:56
  • InsertGayNameHere: Little confused as to why you're getting like one stars, but whatever :/
    29 May 2013 19:04
  • Nabe: oh there will be dudes pretty soon, for sure
    28 May 2013 19:30
  • Xeos: It's actually better the way he's doing it to be honest. Unlike all the other Pixxx artists, he's focusing more on solo pics which is great, I hope that more Lesbian pics follow up behind them.
    28 May 2013 16:26
  • Neaz: lately you don't have many of the male fairy tail characters banging these chicks, so i hope you change it a bit. anyways nice pic love ya aries ;D
    28 May 2013 04:37
  • Xeos: Damn, you've improved so much in such a short while, and the nipples look better this color.
    27 May 2013 23:28