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Xmas Thingies 03 - Guild Gift

Tags: Yukino Aguria, Nude,

9 December 2013
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  • Erza lover: Are you serious here, dude??? She is way too young and beside she has much bigger boobs than that. For next time please analyze the character better before drawing. I get pissed off when I see pedo-pics. Sorry if I hurt your feelings, but I hate when the pedobears gets what they want here. That's just something with me. This is just criticize and I hope you don't take it as anything else. why should I even start. I am non-member and have really no rights to complain. But this is not complai...
    ning. It's just criticism and I hope it's alright for you. :)
    19 Dec 2013 18:50
  • higfig: Your English skills need a bit more work.
    11 Dec 2013 16:30
  • cossy: Ferds, just a little tip. I think you should draw with heavier lines, so it looks more like anime and not amateur fanart. Since this is Fairy Tail, you should try to emulate Mashima's art style as much as possible.
    11 Dec 2013 02:43
  • Doge: well your superior art analysis skills are so cool maybe you can apply and draw cool awesome FT stuff WOW SUCH SKILLS MUCH ANALYZE VERY AMAZE
    10 Dec 2013 22:09
  • Mecha: Don't you mean Nabe?
    10 Dec 2013 18:02
  • Notmyrealname: When is ferds gonna come back?
    10 Dec 2013 13:15
  • The Best: You honestly can't draw good Fairy Tail pics each and every one is absolute crap.
    10 Dec 2013 03:46