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Whoever Loses, We All Win

Tags: Mirajane Strauss, Aftermath, Creampie, Bukakke, Outdoor,

28 February 2013
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  • Nabe: just watch out for what Mashima-sensei will say in the next couple of months or so... actually, I'm more worried about an ass-pull resolution with the piles upon piles of wham moments the manga's been serving us
    4 Mar 2013 16:47
  • coco: well .. I don't"tell me" but I know there r 2FMA the 2003 and Brotherhood, same with HunterXHunter. If u ask me, I cant compare those 2 with FT since both r gr8 stories and deserve better treatment and FMA brotherhood ended well and 1 of my best anime, same goes with HxH 2011 things r pretty gd so far. I also red that Bleach will be back before the end of 2013. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2013-03-02/fairy-tail-anime-tv-run-to-end-on-march-30 http://img689.imageshack.us/img689/3164/anim...
    3 Mar 2013 16:15
  • Nabe: seems like a budget issue, by the looks of it hand-drawn 2d animation costs money per frame and element, and what with them stretching their arcs in many points and all that (I blame their decision on holding off the Tournament arc due to executive meddling) but I think this could just mean a new FT show in the future at some point or another... like do you remember what happened when things just got messed up with the Full Metal Alchemist show during its first run?
    3 Mar 2013 14:56
  • Nabe: true dat, bro
    3 Mar 2013 14:46
  • coco: Fairy Tail anime will be canceled. It's not like I care since I never been a Fairy tail fan. even thinking of dropping the manga for obvious reasons. I'm here coz I enjoy hentai art no more.
    2 Mar 2013 17:01
  • jkkk: sads
    2 Mar 2013 09:23
  • FairyTailLover: Yo, Nabe, think we can get some Chelia some time? She is mighty cute in the recent episodes.
    2 Mar 2013 06:46
  • jou: I actually said that in this page: http://fairytailpixxx.com/2013/01/09/she-just-dont-know-when-to-quit/
    2 Mar 2013 00:38
  • Levi Lover: Why Is Mirajane's Boobs Still Bouncing ??? Lol
    1 Mar 2013 23:27
  • BraidMyPubes: fapfapfapfap
    28 Feb 2013 22:03