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Tags: Woman On Top, Mirajane Strauss, Reverse Cowgirl, Gildarts Clive,

29 July 2014
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  • Yuri: this is sexy! Oh god, would you be able to do one for Laxus and Mira too pretty please
    21 Feb 2015 17:08
  • Natsu Strauss: It doesn't matter. ^^ To wait is worth it, seen the quality of the images which you post. :) In any case, thank you for your answers and good luck for the realization of the following images. ;)
    29 Jul 2014 05:15
  • Ferds: i see, well ill keep track of that. and maybe in 2-3 posts i usually repost characters (i.e. Mirajane, has an image of hers 3 posts ago) yet sometimes i tend to forget that. -_-
    29 Jul 2014 04:54
  • Natsu Strauss: All right. ^^ It is not because I do not love the Soul Satan of Mirajane, it is just that for an image Hentai I prefer it not transformed.... ^^""" I do not know if one can understand that on the other hand.... ^^"""
    29 Jul 2014 04:40
  • Ferds: im tryiiing to figure this one out, btw.. since everyone kiinda reacted on the many requests from ya last few weeks, i think ill prioritize others at the moment. but rest assured yours will be done. and yeah, i try to skip on posting redundant characters so, yeah. (thus, the satan version mirajane)since i already have in my recent posts
    29 Jul 2014 04:19
  • Natsu Strauss: It is true that to have put the mode Soul Satan is a good idea. ^^ Where from come the idea ? =3= I do not know, but at least that please me a lot. ^3^ On the other hand Ferds, for one of two embellish with images that I are asked you in requests and where there is also Mirajane with Guildarts (with so at the same time Lisanna and Natsu, but it is not the subject) do not put normal transformed, just Mirajane please. :D Thank you in advance. ^^
    29 Jul 2014 03:08