Ultear, Always Ahead


Posted by Ellery

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2 December 2012
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  • Arisa: If I could choose a partner out of the FT-girls it would definitely be Ultear! We need more of her! Great work! :))
    5 Dec 2012 12:08
  • Erza lover: I have just one word to say: HOT! Nice one, Nabe. Ultear is one of my favorite after of course Erza.
    4 Dec 2012 06:17
  • Nabe: I think it's just his own way of saying I should do more non-Team Natsu gals. At least, from how I read it. That or a crowd scene, which is something I'd rather not go for.
    4 Dec 2012 03:16
  • lee: Can u repeat that in English please?
    4 Dec 2012 00:44
  • 123456: kagura please
    3 Dec 2012 20:45
  • richard lagger: lucy erza juvia wendy levy cana mirajane lisanna evergreen bisca laki kinana michelle lobster sherry shellia jenny sue of phantom lord ikaruga angel coco mary hughes ultear meredy edo fairy tail girls mavis vermillion virgo aries libra acuario piscis miliana arania risley beth kagura flare corona hisui and hungry wolves girls ass view -stripped-creampie babe please and zero x hades please jajajajaja
    3 Dec 2012 18:23
  • ErzaxZoro1991: Damn, you're really improving on the artwork
    3 Dec 2012 16:13
  • gregory: Great picture. Wendy x natsu would be a great picture :-D
    3 Dec 2012 15:46
  • Nabe: hooboy, VXAce... would really love that but I'm also working on a project, myself :) (not to brag here, but Nabe codes too, oh yes)
    3 Dec 2012 15:32
  • rpggamer: Yo nice faces i bet you could make decent emoset here on rpgmakervxace.net it could earn you some money too if you work for price i hope you take this offer by any chance we could use some decent artist since we already have some decent spriterWe could use some kissing emosets and blushes and i figured a good hentai artist would do good.
    3 Dec 2012 15:30
  • Nabe: Ah so much attention on Flare these days, eh? ;) Watching that match gives me some ideas, too. Let's see if we could try something.
    3 Dec 2012 15:18
  • shane: I totally agree with your sentiments in regards to her post-Tenrou outfit. As with Lee, I know that accounts are required to make an official request, but can you find it in yourself to make a Lucy dominates Flare?
    3 Dec 2012 14:13
  • Nabe: one of these days, my friend... we'll get that naisu body up sometime :)
    3 Dec 2012 06:58
  • lee: I know I need a account to sent a request, but can u do one that shows the full body of ultear?
    3 Dec 2012 06:30
  • Nabe: Oh, glob, Flare! Just saw the anime yesterday and I was like "DAT CRAZY FACE!"
    3 Dec 2012 04:00
  • Nabe: Those two have some serious potential, don't they?
    3 Dec 2012 03:59
  • SJ7: Its not just you but I think the suit she wore for the Tenrou arc was the hottest. That type of outfit turned me on when she wore it. (Same with her outfit in the current arc).
    3 Dec 2012 03:21
  • Wingk: Makes a Flare Corona with Minerva.
    3 Dec 2012 02:24
  • Daz: I'd like to see a gray x ultear pic. Nice job. She is very sexy. :D
    2 Dec 2012 22:39
  • coco: it's amazing how ur art improved in a short time and i cant wait to c how u'll be in the future. for me, i love rex's art coz it's more realistic and the closest to the anime, and that's y it has more impact. i hope i c more realistic art from u some day ;)
    2 Dec 2012 22:30
  • GodOfPeace: I agree! She's my second favorite gal in Fairy Tail, right after Erza, with a reason.^.^ Great job! Hope to see more titjobs!=)
    2 Dec 2012 20:19
  • Nabe: you mean the "cocktail dress" she wore on board the airship? ohhh maaan yeeaah :)
    2 Dec 2012 20:18
  • Ddd: Lovely! More Ultear:D ^ the battlesuit was pretty hot but the one before that was awesome y!
    2 Dec 2012 20:08
  • TeamHentai: Please Make Mirajane Juvia Or Meldy lisanna
    2 Dec 2012 19:41
  • I am who I am: One of my Fav girls and totally agree about the blowjob comment
    2 Dec 2012 19:40
  • erza fan: Great pic nabe i was waiting for the new pic all the day. I know for request i need to have an account in hentaikey but if you can do a erza and mirajane lesbian pic please :D
    2 Dec 2012 19:15
  • Khedron: Absolutely. Her "Battle-outfit" was far from sexy imo, but those clothes she had in the boat with Meldy was fuckin' awesome when it comes to hotness.
    2 Dec 2012 19:03

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