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Tags: Lisanna Strauss, Creampie, BDSM, Toys,

13 October 2013
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  • Erza lover: yeah, this was a good one, though I am not fan of BDSM. :)
    19 Oct 2013 01:34
  • Scarlet: The shadings are off and her body looks really small, like that of a kid's. You have a lot to learn, maybe you can get Darwin or Rex from Narutopixxx to give you advice or just look at their pictures so you can learn.
    16 Oct 2013 23:20
  • Ferds: <strong>thanks for the comment. ill take that up next time :D</strong>
    16 Oct 2013 12:50
  • Pacx: I think the headshape looks odd just like your previous drawing. hope you can improve on that, and also keep up the good work!
    15 Oct 2013 21:49
  • Jade: Can you do mirajane?
    15 Oct 2013 00:54
  • Wykith: Hello there Ferds! Really nice picture, love your other pics too, could you make a Lucy x Natsu or Levy x Natsu 69 picture if you have the time? If you don't feel like taking route 69 what about the same pairing only anal?
    14 Oct 2013 20:40
  • Rexatron: I would like a Kagura Mikazuchi x Natsu x Erza
    14 Oct 2013 16:50
  • Ferds: <strong>what old colouring? as for the way i color/line them.. im always experimenting on designs and on how to improve (of course im still gonna stick to the anime style) the artworks, its always a good thing. </strong>
    14 Oct 2013 13:31
  • Cry: still prefer the old colouring
    14 Oct 2013 09:34
  • FUNKISTXXX: Hi Ferds, I always waiting every picture you upload so can you make the pic as fast as u can pls. Oh yeah! I have a request do some flare or hisui pic please thnx. sorry 4 bad english
    14 Oct 2013 01:46