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5 July 2013
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  • Nabe: have to say, it's always been an ongoing process for me... no offense taken, bro like, you know, even if some think I may have gotten it already, I'm aware of a lot more things that I need to work on but hey, we gotta be all "shonen" about it, don't we? *fistpump* ...also, Darwin is a genius, something I'd like to nail down someday
    8 Jul 2013 19:54
  • swadawa2: Hi, so i would like to ask you to keep up this work, because some of your work before this pic is not so good, i say like animepixxx level, and to tell you the truth, animepixxx is not so good, but you done some good images, and this one is good too, so i think it would pay out much well if you would take more time and do them like this, and of course train hard and get better, because you have the "thing" in yourself to be as good as Ellery and Darwin? ??? (what happened with Rex???) (+ you c...
    aught the Ft style) I saw some pics from animepix, and i say , the drawer got a little bit better but big dogs bleach-naruto are far away from it. So i hope you dont take it as an offensive comment :)
    8 Jul 2013 12:01
  • Sasuke: very good, seems you did that "thing" like with mavis. :)
    7 Jul 2013 13:15
  • troll: pls make creampie, erza scarlet, mirajane strauss,natsu dragneel, reverse cowgirl, threesome, woman on top (NO EDOLAS)
    7 Jul 2013 10:48
  • Jacketguy: Very very nice Nabe, your detail with this is excellent ! When you compare this pic to the first pic of Sherry way back in January, I think everyone can see that you've drastically improved ! If I could vote I'd give in a 5/5, but since that's not the case all I can say is keep up the great work Nabe ! :D
    6 Jul 2013 15:06
  • yusting: Sting penetred yukino pic pleased
    6 Jul 2013 14:40
  • yusting: Yukino x sting pico pleaseeeee
    6 Jul 2013 14:39
  • koy: hey nabe, nice one i like both chelia and sherry. whats it that makes them so hard for you then? :p anyways, you're doing as well as ever, and improving, so as i always say: keep up the good work :)
    6 Jul 2013 12:32
  • DFT125: pls make creampie, erza scarlet, wendy marvell,natsu dragneel, reverse cowgirl, threesome, woman on top
    6 Jul 2013 02:42