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6 December 2012
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  • Nabe: Anime-only gal, one of Gajeel's posse when he took Lucy from Reedus' hideout. She still appears in a few more filler eps, and she turns out to be a rather nice person after all. I like me a cute punch-clock villain.
    9 Dec 2012 15:28
  • Nabe: She's an anime-only girl, one of the Phantom mooks who were part of Gajeel's posse. They beat up Reedus and then kidnapped Lucy (that second time). She shows up from time to time, during the filler eps. She turns out to be a rather nice gal, if a bit vision impaired and has a "crush" on Happy (adds to the charm).
    9 Dec 2012 15:22
  • Erza lover: Nice work, Nabe. But what's up with her nipples. They are unclear. Beside that it's a great masterpiece! Thanks again. By the way, where are Sue from in Fairy Tail. I cannot remember her.
    9 Dec 2012 09:53
  • Faelivan: She really is cute :) but i never saw her in Fairy tail. I think that some lesbian orgie with Meredy and Ultear (post time-travel) would be nice :)
    7 Dec 2012 06:49
  • Winchester: How about some of Meredy? (Preferably Post-Timeskip) For that matter, what about Ultear after the timeskip?
    7 Dec 2012 02:04
  • Nabe: been eyeing on that particular one for quite a while now, yeah
    7 Dec 2012 02:03
  • Nabe: whichever you think is the sexiest :)
    7 Dec 2012 02:01
  • SJ7: Ohh some Coco would be great too.
    6 Dec 2012 23:17
  • SJ7: Nice very nice and PLEASE do Daphne. She's amazingly hot and Id love to see her in some hentai.
    6 Dec 2012 22:59
  • Xeos: Nabe any chance for a strapon pic?
    6 Dec 2012 21:01
  • koy: nice pic nabe :p those counting lines on the wall, would that be days beign in jail or something like that, or how much they have already fucked? :p oh those little fun details that let the imagination go wild :p
    6 Dec 2012 20:56