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Special Treat for My Teammates

Tags: Evergreen, Cum On Pussy, Clothed, Riding, Bickslow,

8 April 2015
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  • Open your eyes Ferds: Don´t be blind Ferds! Its not everyone, but he has in his power 30 % of requests in the pixxx sites with his multiple accounts! Rex discover that. For example Lexus1fan is Ferdsfan asking heels and tan lines, you don´t realize that or what? Checking fairytail blog this cheater has at least 2 requests per page, insolit. Sadly you think like that and let this cheater fool you.
    14 Apr 2015 20:40
  • Ferds: ^ i think that's enough, dude. There's no point arguing. And even if they are (sure you say so)almost 40 members and just 1 user.. it doesnt matter to me. If the main admins told me to reject requests from him, then let it be. So far there are no notifications on that matter. This will be your last comment on the 'everyone-who-requests-is-edwardnewgate' thing. Grow up, man.
    14 Apr 2015 20:27
  • The-Joker is Edwardnewgate: Shut up Edwardnewgate!
    14 Apr 2015 19:58
  • The-Joker: This guys is hopeless newuser9965, you are wasting your time just ignore him like me and the artists do mate. The only thing he does is copy and paste the same shit on all sites because he actually dont have a life and must probably be ignored by his family. So he comes here to troll because here he can get some attention, its sad man =(. No matter where he see high heels shoes and tan there is him saying the same shit again, even if the artist decided to make them by themselves. His nick...
    is Hidan, the funnier is that he 'claims' i'm using multiple nick and 'personalities' when hes doing the same thing to troll lol. Yet he thinks the artists dont know about that xD, and the best part is the more he troll the more artist ignores him xD.
    14 Apr 2015 17:00
  • samefag: Shut up Nick Hercule Hidan and Pixxxmember
    14 Apr 2015 03:05
  • Pixxxmember: Sure newuser9965, so this is your newest name? "Fun In Leather" Another request from you Edwardnewgate! Its not Blowjob, its Heels! Ask Rex for proofs. Stop man you even have multiple personalities to defend yourself, you are cheater stealing other members requests.
    13 Apr 2015 19:43
  • newuser9965: @Hercule: Excuse me buddy i don't wanna join on fight or even start one but do you have any proof of what you 'saying' is TRUE?. So far i haven't seen any evidence, artist comment or reply saying that you are right man. Only a couple other users complaining about you. So it's sounding just butthurt talking, looks like you are here just to troll on the members who paid for their requests or perhaps you are jealous for not being member. If you have evidences to prove that what you are 'claiming...
    ' if TRUE why dont you go to support and submit a ticket against that user then? Is probably much better than you waste your time around all HentaiKey sites trolling and flamming against other users and acting like na annoying asshole. Just because a couple person like 'blowjob pictures' doesn't mean that every single blowjob request is from the same person. Trolling and flaming around the sites won't prevent the artists to not fulfill their jobs man. Take care.
    13 Apr 2015 19:09
  • Nick is a samefag: Shut up Nick
    12 Apr 2015 20:02
  • Mike Hunt: Shut up Nick, Hercule, Hidan
    12 Apr 2015 14:51
  • Hercule: Hentai-Boy?? Let me guess.. Heels? Tan Lines? Stockings? 3-4 characters? FERDS, you must realize that there is only one person behind all that names: Edwardnewgate, Ero-shunsui, King-Mathew, Purehito-Master, Unohana-Lover, Bigbang, Pyonwang, Minervarules, Lexus1fan, Ferdsfan, Hentaipixxxfan, Hentai-Boy, The-Joker and Don. And maybe more. Rex knows, Robert knowns, Lexus knows (finally), but I think its time to Claudius and you realize this.
    11 Apr 2015 05:35